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Celebrity and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Celebrity and Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Author:Zhang Xiaoxia
  • Publisher:Shandong Science and Technology Press Co., Ltd.
  • Publiction Date:2017.01
  • Size:170*240mm
  • Retail Price:RMB¥42.00
  • Pages:321
  • ISBN:978-7-5331-8563

This book not only analyzes the theory of traditional Chinese medicine by modern celebrities from the perspective of social history, thought history and cultural history, explores the influence of modern Chinese society and culture on traditional Chinese medicine, but also help to reveal the modern social thought and its historical value. This book summarizes the views and comments of 60 modern Chinese celebrities on TCM, and selects the representative 30 of them, which closely combines their own characteristics of the times, social environment, personal experience and their writings, starting from historical data, without prejudice, on the matter, in depth and meticulous discussion of the cause and effect of the development and changes, and giving a realistic evaluation. This book has a far-reaching significance for the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine.

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