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Beloved Beetles(6 titles)

Beloved Beetles(6 titles)

  • Author:Wei Xiaoxi
  • Publisher:Shandong Science and Technology Press Co., Ltd.
  • Publiction Date:2017.05
  • Size: 148*205mm
  • Retail Price: RMB¥130.80
  • Pages:546
  • ISBN:978-7-5331-8743-9

is series is specially made for kids of 6 to 9 years old. The full set of books are beautifully illustrated to attract primary school students and pre-school children with a certain reading ability to gradually grow from the picture reading, parent-child reading to the text reading, independent reading. The story is short and pithy with simple and beautiful text, and close to the growth of children's psychology and life, with a wide range of educational significance. This series of books are equipped with the author's exclusive radio audio link, linked to the Himalayan audio website, and the new audio-visual experience will further enhance the reading value of the books.

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