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Look! The Tree!

Look! The Tree!

  • Author:Sasha,Feng Qi
  • Publisher:Shandong Science and Technology Press Co., Ltd.
  • Publiction Date:2016.09
  • Size: 250*250mm
  • Retail Price:RMB¥36.00
  • Pages:30
  • ISBN: 978-7-5331-8378-3

Look! The Tree is a science picture book for children aged 3 to 9 years old. It is one of the Nature Classes Outside Home series, which also include other volumes including Look! The Grass! Look! The Snail! and Look! The Worm! This volume introduces children to the world of trees. By learning some knowledge of trees' outlooks, leaves, flowers, ages and relations with people, children are enlightened to go to explore nature and protect it.

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